Anavar and weight gain

So, I've been trying to gain weight for years.. But I apparently wasn't doing it properly. I also have an extremely fast metabolism, no matter what I eat, when I eat and the quantity, I would not gain a kilo. (I'm Australian, I don't know pounds) But, my issue is, I eat quantity over quality. I am now 21 and weigh 55kgs.. So I'm am TINY. I work out everyday, muscular workouts only, I do not job or anything because I burn calories quick enough as is. Haha. I have actually just recently bought a Mass Gainer, high in protein, calories and carbs. Also a bit of sodium for that absorption. ;) After reading think, I am undertaking a new diet. Going to keep a food diary and a complex game plan. Really happy I stumbled across this, thank you very much. Bookmarked for on the fly reference! I also didn't know about bigger weights, less reps = bigger gains!!!

Magda, I was on Cipralex for several years, and I was a size 16! It wasn't till I stopped I realised it wasn't me but the drug! Never be worried about going back on AD's, a well meaning doctor put me on Lorazepam (tranquilizer) and after 2 months I was addicted and so dopey all day....I am now (with help) tapering off. AD's help you feel 'normal' again, and you (like me) probably need to be on them. I don't think the Sertraline is having the same effect weight wise at all, I am by no means denying myself treats - but am just being careful but not dieting.

Anavar and weight gain

anavar and weight gain


anavar and weight gainanavar and weight gainanavar and weight gainanavar and weight gainanavar and weight gain