Anova xls

Any kind of fraudulent or excessive reimbursement claims that cannot be supported with sufficient amount of evidence and receipts, could lead to serious implications including employee termination. The .xls document will be able to clearly outline the manner in which you need to create and submit your excel expenditure report. Such type of a document is often used in business establishments and companies that are required to constantly keep track of various expenditures and incomes. This in turn will allow proper fund allocation and appropriate budgeting. It will help the organization in restricting any undue expenses, process reimbursement claims and account for the same. Proper processing of employee claims becomes a vital part of every organization and verifying the receipts and various other documents, is an indispensable responsibility for the HR and accounting department.

Also, look at the very general and elegant power/sample-size calculator by Russel Lenth (U of Iowa). It handles tests of means (one or two samples), tests of proportions (one or two samples), linear regression, generic chi-square and Poisson tests, and an amazing variety of ANOVAs -- 1-, 2-, and 3-way; randomized complete-block; Latin and Greco-Latin squares; 1-stage, 2-stage, and factorial nested designs; crossover; split-plot; strip-plot; and more! This calculator is implemented in Java, and can be run as a web page, or can be downloaded to your computer to run offline as a stand-alone application.

Anova xls

anova xls


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