Anwar meme

The protest migrated over to Facebook [2] where a page titled “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!” (now removed) was launched, urging viewers to post images of the prophet on May 20th. The Facebook group attracted over 100,000 fans and the campaign gained considerable media attention. [5] Additionally, the blog Citizens Against Citizens Against Humor [3] was created as a fictional sponsor of Norris’ first drawing. On May 9th, YouTuber thunderf00t uploaded a video in support of the event, gathering more than 450,000 views and 14,200 comments over the next five years (shown below).

Mormons actually believe that a truly good Muslim, Catholic, Hindi, Jew or anybody else faithfully following their religion throughout life will certainly go to heaven at death. Even atheists and pagans (esr take note) who lived a good life, but never really had a chance to accept the truth, get a chance after death to accept. What defines “really had a chance” vs “had a chance in life but chose sinfulness” is something for Jesus to decide. Even then, the worst of the most common sinners still make it to a heaven far better than earth. “Outer Darkness” and eternal misery, like earth orbit, is reserved for people who WORK for evil and _really_ succeed at it.

Anwar meme

anwar meme


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