Lady anavar side effects

The product is intended for topical application in the oral mucosa.
Mucous membrane surface must be pre-dried with a cotton or gauze swab. A strip of paste a length of about cm to put, not rubbing, the mucous thin layer using a finger or a cotton swab, and then lightly moisten applying a paste with water. The procedure is repeated 3-5 times a day after meals and before bedtime. Treatment is carried out until symptoms disappear.
Liquid anavar dental adhesive paste forms a protective layer on the healing of the affected area of the oral mucosa and protects it from mechanical and chemical damage for 3-5 hours. When applying the paste to the unseasoned mucosa may decrease the duration of the treatment modality.
In the treatment of pressure sores from dentures paste is applied to a dry denture and moisten with water.
The recommended course dose of the drug – 1 tube (5 g).

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Lady anavar side effects

lady anavar side effects


lady anavar side effectslady anavar side effectslady anavar side effectslady anavar side effectslady anavar side effects