Nap mat 50

Thanks to the folks at zCush, one reader can win a zCush Baby Nap Mat ! This would be perfect for any expecting mom or a parent or grandparent of a baby, whether that be you or as a gift for one that you know! We’ll be using Rafflecopter again (form below), so that means you have plenty of ways to enter the contest…pick as many as you’d like. The more things you do, the more entries you get! And be sure to do the entries you select…I’ll check! The nap mat will be sent directly to the winner from zCush. Contest ends Sunday, December 23rd at midnight and I will email the winner on Monday, December 24th to get a mailing address and color preference (based on what’s in stock). How’s that for a Merry Christmas?! US only please!

loosely joined natural materials used as bedding, etc., Old English matte , from Late Latin matta "mat made of rushes" (4c.), probably from Punic or Phoenician matta (cf. Hebrew mittah "bed, couch"). Meaning "tangled mass" is from 1835. That of "piece of padded flooring used in gymnastics or wrestling" is attested from 1892; hence figurative phrase go to the mat "do battle" (1910). The Latin word also is the source of German Matte , matze ; Dutch mat , Italian matta . French natte "mat, matting" is from Late Latin secondary form natta (cf. napkin ).

Nap mat 50

nap mat 50


nap mat 50nap mat 50nap mat 50nap mat 50nap mat 50