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I have long been enthralled with your porch-thanks for all the details-this is my dream set-up now that I see it all including the additional porches–I can dream big! I do have a question–how in the world do you keep the elements from ruining all your furniture and items on the porch? We see more 3-4 season rooms where we live but I am not able to understand how everything doesn’t get ruined? It is too beautiful to be rained upon! are the upper views above the curved arches glass? I really want to just come and swing and swing and read and drink iced tea there–I am still drooling!

In athletics, Cornell graduates include football legend Glenn "Pop" Warner (1894), [58] head coach of the United States men's national soccer team Bruce Arena ('73), [59] National Hockey League commissioner Gary Bettman ('74), [60] Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred , six-time Stanley Cup -winning hockey goalie Ken Dryden ('69), [61] William Larned who was one of the "Big Three of the . men's (tennis) championship" and won the title seven times, and Toronto Raptors president Bryan Colangelo ('87). [62] Alumni who played in the National Football League include Super Bowl champion Kevin Boothe , and Ed Marinaro ('71), who was also known for his television work on Hill Street Blues . [63] Cornellians have also won numerous Olympic medals (28 Gold, 19 Silver and 8 Bronze, as of 2017). [64]

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