Suggested dosage of anavar


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Really haven’t a clue, Lori. But I have heard some people take time to get used to it.
I wonder if it is cleaning out some strange toxins from your body. Just keep to your regimen, very low dosage a few times a day. Build from there when symptoms seem to be abating. Work up to more dosages, (I use 1tsp four times a day) to see how it goes. Then start increasing the size to possibly a full tsp the times you use it a day.
Best wishes with your journey.
Also check out Walter Last and “The Borax Conspiracy”. It has done wonders for my bones and actually stopped the pain of a tooth root canal that flamed up a year after the work. Took a tsp three times a day for four months. (Each time I stopped for a while, the pain came back. That is why it seemed to take so long. But regardless, I didn’t die, (it is but a mineral we need in to strengthen bones and teeth as children and throughout life.)
Namaste and care,

Surgical Anxiety – It is very common for people to experience anxiety before surgery. This is of course a problem for people needing surgical procedures. Having anxiety before an operation can delay or affect the immediate outcome of a surgical procedure. Sedatives can relieve the surgical anxiety of a person but it may have negative side effects. A study by Salah A. Ismail and colleagues April 2009 edition of “Anesthesia & Analgesia”) shows that patients who have been given melatonin experienced less anxiety and pain during an eye surgery.

Suggested dosage of anavar

suggested dosage of anavar


suggested dosage of anavarsuggested dosage of anavarsuggested dosage of anavarsuggested dosage of anavarsuggested dosage of anavar